13. Bernard Kerik 911 Interview by John Graden

Jun 16, 2020

On this thirteenth episode, The Fact Concerning the Martial Arts Enterprise
is that martial arts colleges must be accountable and cautious of
the intentions of their college students.

Hello, I’m John Graden, we’re in the course of a large
disruption of legislation and order. Gun gross sales are by means of the roof, and
Google searches for self-defense have spiked off the charts. Folks
need to really feel protected and safe.

Now that the pandemic has leveled off, anti-fa has taken over
sections of huge cities and is wreaking violent havoc on harmless

Undercover recordings of the terrorist group Anti-fa reveal them
educating their members how you can gouge eyes, strike the liver and put
harmless individuals into rear-naked chokes.

These are harmful methods taught by unscrupulous martial
arts instructors who’re educating how you can abuse and misuse these
abilities. That’s in distinction to when Melody Shuman found that
one of many pilots that flew into the World Commerce heart on 911 had
educated in her faculty within the months main as much as the assault.

One 12 months after 911, I interviewed the big apple metropolis police
commissioner Bernard Kerik. He was defending Mayor Rudy Giuliani
all through that fateful day.

Mr Kerik can also be a Fifth-degree black belt and credit a lot of his
success to his martial arts coaching. He additionally has a superb
biography describing his wonderful story.

He lays out some pointers for martial arts colleges to look out
for college students who could also be abusing their coaching. I performed this
interview in a lodge foyer in Orlando a few 12 months after the

Subsequent, we regularly hear the Japanese phrase kaizen thrown round as a
dedication to steady enchancment. Are we seeing kaizen in
conventional colleges?

AntiFa video educating eye gouge to followers.

Books by Bernard Kerik

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