5 Well-known Below-15-Minute Matches (Edge vs. Foley, Nakamura, Shibata, extra) – TJR Wrestling

Some wrestling followers are much less affected person than others. They don’t have the time to actually make investments right into a story and need the wrestlers they’re watching to get straight to the purpose.

Those self same followers may get disillusioned nowadays as a result of there’s a dominant development in place these days for giant matches to go lengthy only for the sake of it. And but, every now and then there are examples of nice matches that handle to inform the total story in much less time.

As soon as once more, I’ve discovered 5 such matches from all over the world and need to share them with you. Hopefully you’ll take pleasure in these “faster” matches as a lot as I did.

5. Muhammed Yone vs. Jun Akiyama – NOAH, March 4th, 2007

Background: Yone was an undercard man that was trying to lastly get his large break. He needed to show he may very well be a star so he determined to face somebody credible and established. However his opponent right here was Akiyama, a Japanese wrestling legend and multi-time former world champion. Yone knew that taking his time could be a loss of life sentence in opposition to getting older, grumpy, take-no-BS Akiyama, so he determined to hurry into issues. Let’s see how that works out for him.

The match: Yone rushes Akiyama throughout his entrance and lands a excessive kick to Akiyama’s head. The refs and docs verify on Akiyama and after a couple of minute he lastly will get up. And he…is…PISSED! Each guys rush one another the second Akiyama enters the ring. The bell rings and Yone out-strikes Akiyama with kicks. Yone tries a German suplex on the apron. Akiyama blocks it, kicks Yone’s leg, and lands an Exploder suplex off the apron to the ground.

Yone returns on the ref’s depend of twelve and Akiyama kicks his face. Every time Akiyama turns round to cost for a knee strike, Yone will get up and taunts him. Akiyama responds with extra stiff kicks however Yone simply retains getting up. Akiyama costs to the ropes however runs right into a boot from Yone adopted by a Backdrop suplex. Akiyama will get up and lands one other kick however once more Yone kicks more durable. Each guys rise up in reverse corners and Yone hits first with a yakuza kick. Then Yone crops Akiyam with a Muscle Buster. One, two, and – Akiyama kicks out. A roundhouse kick to the aspect of Akiyama’s head will get Yone one other two-count. Akiyama has a bloody gash on his cheek from the place Yone kicked him.

Yone goes for a top-rope guillotine leg drop. Akiyama dodges and lifts Yone up. Yone hits first with slaps and goes for an additional kick. Akiyama catches his leg and pummels him with a stiff strike barrage. Then Akiyama lands an Exploder however Yone kicks out at one. Stiff elbow and slap trade. Akiyama wins that trade and lands a leaping knee strike adopted by one other Exploder. One, two, Yone survives. Wrist-clutch Fisherman Brainbuster. Akiyama will get the pin and the win in lower than 5 minutes!

Winner after 4:45: Jun Akiyama


Evaluation: Simply among the best under-five-minute matches of all time. It was as if these two determined to keep away from your complete King’s Street wrestling construction and solely do the closing dash. They threw bombs at one another and hit one another extremely laborious. Yone busted Akiyama open however Akiyama soldiered on. It was a bit foolish but it surely additionally got here throughout as hardnosed and intense. The match advised an amazing story of Yone needing underhanded tips and violence to attempt to beat somebody far above him. Watching Yone strive with every thing he had was enjoyable; watching Akiyama punish him for making an attempt was extra enjoyable.

Last Ranking: ***


4. Zack Sabre, Jr. vs. Katsuyori Shibata – Particular UWF Guidelines 5-Minute Exhibition Match – NJPW G1 Climax 2021, October 21st, 2021

Background: 4 years earlier at Sakura Genesis 2017, Shibata suffered such a devastating damage that it ended his profession and nearly price him his life. For years the overall understanding on Shibata was that he would NEVER be cleared to wrestle once more. However that modified in 2021. After years of working from the sidelines in a non-wrestling capability, Shibata was cleared for a brief return to the ring. Thus a particular shock was given to the followers through the G1. Shibata would wrestle ZSJ in a UWF guidelines match. What this meant prior to now is that there have been no pin-falls, submissions or count-outs and a match could be decided by a degree system. I believe that’s the case right here, however everybody’s so shocked that this match is even taking place that the foundations aren’t 100% confirmed.

The match: The primary two minutes or so characteristic nothing however pure and excellent technical mat wrestling with each guys having temporary moments of management. Quickly after, Shibata teases a Determine-4 leglock however ZSJ blocks it from being utilized absolutely.

Three minutes left.

ZSJ catches Shibata’s ankle and begins working it over however Shibata rapidly counters right into a headlock, just for ZSJ to counter that right into a headscissor. Shibata escapes that and grabs ZSJ’s ankle however ZSJ escapes and one other stalemate ensues.

Two minutes left.

A double knuckle lock ensues after which each wrestlers commerce cross-arm stretches with ZSJ doing a sick Romero model of the maintain. Shibata escapes whereas nonetheless controlling the wrists however ZSJ counters right into a headlock.

One minute left.

ZSJ tries sustaining the aspect headlock however Shibata counters right into a sleeper

Thirty seconds left.

Shibata switches to an belly stretch.

Twenty seconds left.

ZSJ counters into an belly stretch of his personal.

Ten seconds left.

ZSJ retains Shibata tied up as he tries stretching one in all Shibata’s arms. Shibata counters again into his belly stretch. Then the bell rings to sign that point has run out.

Match end result: 5-minute DRAW

Evaluation: Shock issue apart, that was very thrilling given its limitations. It was two highly-skilled grapplers competing within the closest factor to pure conventional grappling attainable. There have been no strikes right here, simply technical holds and limbwork. Each of them excelled in these areas so a attainable tap-out might’ve occurred at any second. The match was constructed on that ‘out of nowhere’ ingredient and each guys used lightning-quick counters to attempt to win with any maintain attainable. It was so easy but so profitable: two grapplers doing what they did finest with out theatrics or gimmickry. For a man who almost died after his final match, Shibata seemed pretty much as good as ever right here and didn’t present any ring rust. He was on his residence subject wrestling the right opponent and exhibiting off what he did finest. This was nice.

Last Ranking: ***


3. Yoshihiro Takayama vs KENTA – KENTA’s Trial Sequence, NOAH, June 27th, 2004.

Background: NOAH had this ingenious idea referred to as a Trial Sequence by which a more recent wrestler needed to tackle seven wrestlers in singles competitors. These seven wrestlers have been both established veterans or somebody the wrestler “on trial” was shut with. This wrestler wanted to face all of them in an effort to see how he fared on his personal. It was probably the most fundamental idea of getting a rookie over whereas additionally giving the veterans one thing significant to do. And in KENTA’s fourth trial match…effectively…he was completely screwed!

This was one of many greatest mismatches in NOAH historical past. Takayama outweighed KENTA by actually 100 kilos and stood nearly a foot taller (Japanese promotions often have strict weight divisions so mismatches like this not often occur). Takayama was additionally world well-known for his skill to soak up punishment, as seen along with his legendary MMA combat with Don Frye, his similarly-stiff 2002 match with Misawa, and his superb match with Kobashi two months previous to this one. However KENTA appreciated to hit individuals very laborious, to the purpose that he was blurring the road between ‘working’ and ‘combating’ as a rule. However labored that work in his favor right here?

The match: Takayama presents a handshake however KENTA kicks at his hand as an alternative. The match begins off extra like a kickboxing trade with KENTA hitting some fast strikes however Takayama no-sells them. Every time they get shut Takayama grabs him by the neck as for those who say ‘strive that now you little shit’, and KENTA has to combat to free himself. KENTA retains swinging with something he can till Takayama has sufficient and hits kicks of his personal adopted by an enormous knee to KENTA’s head. KENTA will get up quickly after however Takayama drops him with one other stiff kick to the abdomen. He begins transferring once more so Takayama lands a operating knee to the pinnacle. Then Takayama lifts KENTA over his head and press slams him to the ground.

Takayama’s not achieved punishing KENTA as he slams him into the barricade and kicks KENTA’s chest in. he does the identical within the ring and every time Takayama lands a kick the ref has to verify on KENTA to ensure he’s aware. And every time KENTA strikes even an inch, Takayama kicks him more durable. Takayama lands an enormous again physique drop adopted by one more kick to the chest and pins along with his foot on KENTA’s chest for a two-count. All of the sudden KENTA fires up and slaps Takayama as laborious as he can a number of occasions. Takayama cuts him off with a nasty elbow smash. KENTA will get up on the referee’s depend of seven so Takayama slaps him again laborious within the nook. Takayama costs for a nook kick however KENTA kicks first. Then KENTA hits a twister hotshot and goes for a springboard dropkick. Takayama goes for an enormous boot however KENTA sidesteps and kicks Takayama’s head. springboard shotgun dropkick by KENTA. Takayama kicks out at two. KENTA hits a operating penalty kick and covers with his foot on Takayama’s chest however solely will get a one-count. KENTA follows with a barrage of kicks to Takayama’s chest and head. Takayama sinks down however nonetheless kicks out at two.

KENTA lands his martial arts rush and costs for the Busaiku Knee. Takayama hits first with a boot. Takayama goes for a again suplex however KENTA lands behind him. KENTA jumps onto his shoulders and lands a victory roll for an additional two-count. KENTA lands a ton extra kicks and slaps, all of that are 100% full contact. However Takayama absorbs all of them, grabs KENTA’s head with each arms, and hits one other kneelift. Then Takayama hits extra kicks of his personal to maintain KENTA grounded. Additionally, an vital level: neither wrestler right here does that tacky thigh slap gimmick; the sound being made is that of very actual martial arts strikes. Anyhow, Takayama goes for an additional kick however KENTA catches his leg and lands an overhead suplex. Then KENTA lands a kneelift of his personal adopted by a Bridging German suplex. On a person 100 kilos heavier than him. One, two, Takayama kicks out.

KENTA lands one other martial arts rush and this time he geese Takayama’s kick. Busaiku knee connects. One, two, Takayama will get a ropebreak. KENTA continues hitting Takayama as laborious as he can till Takayama ultimately crumples to the mat. KENTA covers for a two-count after which switches to a cross armbreaker. Takayama lifts him up and KENTA tries witching to a triangle choke. Takayama overpowers him, drops him on his toes, blocks a kick, and lands one other large kneelift. Takayama follows with extra kicks and a tree slam, adopted by an enormous operating kneelift to KENTA’s face. One, two, KENTA kicks out. Takayama goes for his Everest German suplex finisher however switches mid-move right into a facebuster. Then he costs to the ropes and hits one other bit kneelift to KENTA’s face. One, two, and three! Takayama destroys KENTA!

Winner after 10:21: Yoshihiro Takayama

Evaluation: Typically you simply need to see somebody get beat up, which is what occurred right here. This was one of many stiffest, most hard-hitting matches I’ve ever seen. It was mainly ten minutes of unchained violence with a pleasant little David vs. Goliath story blended in as effectively. Takayama simply obliterated KENTA with out mercy. However KENTA made probably the most out of what was mainly an unwinnable state of affairs. He behaved like an offended Chihuahua being overly aggressive to attempt to promote the concept that he was actually ferocious. However Takayama put him in his place time and again. And regardless that KENTA began the match as this semi-unlikable aggressor, followers received behind him ultimately for his tenacity and grit. He refused to remain down regardless of Takayama caving his head in with hicks and knees. KENTA tried every thing but it surely simply wasn’t sufficient. His never-say-die perspective within the face if clearly unattainable odds made his combat compelling and thrilling, particularly as he dropped Takayama regardless of most individuals pondering he couldn’t handle such a factor. Takayama offered effectively sufficient for KENTA with out wanting weak or phony and actually hit KENTA laborious to make him look robust as effectively. Everybody gained right here. That is simply some of the enjoyable ten-minute matches you’ll ever see…if in case you have the abdomen for it.

Last Ranking: ***3/4


2. IWGP Intercontinental Championship match: Shinsuke Nakamura [c] vs. Kazushi Sakuraba – NJPW Wrestle Kingdom VII (2013)

Background: Again throughout his rookie years, Nakamura dabbled in MMA at Antonio Inoki’s behest. He completed that enterprise with a satisfactory 3-1 file and stored his MMA data as a part of his wrestling arsenal. At the same time as Nakamura remodeled into his “Swagsuke” persona, he was nonetheless handled as a significant risk as a result of he knew the right way to go to the mat and bust out his MMA talent on a second’s discover. However that wasn’t the case right here. Nakamura wasn’t the man to be feared as a result of he had some expertise in MMA. His opponent on this match was Kazushi Sakuraba, whose nickname was way more terrifying than any of Nakamura’s.

Sakuraba was often known as…THE GRACIE HUNTER .

Not solely did Sakuraba beat 4 completely different Gracies – Royler, Renzo, Ryan, and Royce – however he additionally beat 13 completely different MMA champions from completely different MMA firms. With an MMA file of 26-17, Sakuraba is a extra harmful MMA fighter than Brock Lesnar ever was. For sure Nakamura was strolling into the lion’s den with no weapon.

The match: They shake arms and the match is on. There’s some missed kicks and a few newbie grappling early on. Sakuraba blocks a single-leg takedown after which lands one in all his personal. Some nice MMA-style mat wrestling ensues with Nakamura doing his finest to keep up a guard. After a ropebreak and a breather, the 2 transfer fastidiously to keep away from getting kicked. Nakamura will get Sakuraba in a nook and slaps him, inflicting a change to flip. Each wrestlers rush one another and swing with every thing they’ve received. Full-contact slaps and knees galore. Sakuraba catches Nakamura’s leg on a kick and takes him down and lands a operating double stomp to Nakamura’s face. Sakuraba goes for a rear bare choke however Nakamura will get to a nook for security.

Nakamura retaliates with kneelifts and his “vibrations” nook stomp. Then Nakamura goes for a operating nook kneelift however Sakuraba escapes and locks in a sleeper from the apron. Sakuraba returns to the ring and smacks the hell out of Nakamura earlier than hitting a German suplex. Nakamura channels his combating spirit and costs straight away…and runs right into a knee to the face. the referee confirms Nakamura is aware so Sakuraba begins hitting mounted punches and palm strikes. Sakuraba locks in a triangle choke however Nakamura powers out and hits a sick Boma Ye to the again of Sakuraba’s head. Nakamura costs once more. Sakuraba dodges and tries one other German. Nakamura resists so Sakuraba rolls right into a cross armbreaker. Nakamura escapes however Sakuraba maintains management and goes for a kimura. Nakamura tries countering into his personal cross armbreaker however Sakuraba nonetheless maintains management and goes again to palm strikes to Nakamura’s head.

Nakamura will get a ropebreak to keep away from one other submission maintain however Sakuraba tries sustaining wrist management for a kimura. However Nakamura counters that with a Landslide . Sakuraba avoids one other German and rolls into one other kimura. Nakamura tries kneeing his manner out however Sakuraba makes use of his free arm to dam. Sakuraba rolls right into a cross armbreaker however Nakamura retains his arms clasped collectively. Sakuraba fights laborious and breaks Nakamura’s grip, however the second he does so Nakamura frees himself and hits one other Boma Ye. A 3rd Boma Ye connects! Nakamura will get the pin and the win to retain his title!

Winner and STILL IWGP Intercontinental Champion after 11:12: Shinsuke Nakamura

Evaluation: For these pondering that this was the ghost of Inokism coming again to hang-out New Japan…it wasn’t the case. This was simply among the best “wrestler vs. MMA fighter” contests ever. It was a brief, tense, explosive, Inoki-strong-style match that blurred the road between ‘labored’ professional wrestling and ‘actual’ MMA. There wasn’t something in right here that screamed ‘wrestling transfer’ apart from Nakamura’s Landslide. All the things else was mainly newbie grappling and stuff from varied martial arts disciplines. It felt like an actual athletic contest that was filled with rigidity and surprises. Some followers have been legitimately involved for Nakamura’s well-being since Sakuraba might’ve snapped him like a twig at any second. there was this sense of warning and hazard for each guys since Sakuraba was seen as a extra ‘legit’ fighter. He nearly knocked Nakamura out with a knee and nearly tapped him out a number of occasions. However then that closing sequence got here with Nakamura fihting for survival and by some means countering somebody as adept on the mat as Sakuraba. The ultimate nail within the coffin was a shotgun-like Boma Ye to place Sakuraba out. Implausible match total.

Last Ranking: ****1/4


1. Edge vs. Mick Foley – WrestleMania 22

Background: Mick Foley was introduced in to referee a WWE title match between Edge and Cena and when Edge misplaced he blamed Foley. Decided to get revenge on Foley (and to present Foley the WrestleMania second he by no means received), Edge determined to problem Foley to Foley’s specialty: a hardcore match.

The match: Edge swings the baseball bat he introduced down with him however Foley dodges and hits come nook punches adopted by a operating bulldog. Foley ties Edge within the tree of woe and lands a operating elbow drop to Edge’s face. Foley turns round and eats an enormous boot and a clothesline as Lita offers Edge some steel objects from below the ring. Edge cracks Foley within the head with two cooking sheets after which dropkicks a street signal into Foley’s face. Edge follows with a spear. However wait, he hurts himself far more than he hurts Foley. Then Foley will get up and divulges his genius: beneath his black flannel coat is barbed wire wrapped round him. Edge’s shoulder linked with barbed wire whereas Foley remained protected.

There’s a deep gash on Edge’s shoulder as Foley un-wraps the barbed wire and whips Edge with it. He grinds that wire into Edge’s wound and chokes him with it after which Edge does the André spot by getting tied between the ropes. Foley makes use of that chance…to being out Barbie. The gang begins cheering wildly when Lita jumps onto Foley’s again. However that has little impact as Foley lands a Cactus Clothesline, sending all three of them tumbling to the ground. Foley covers Edge however solely will get a two-count.

Foley lands a swinging neckbreaker on the ringside mats for an additional two-count. He lands rapid-fire forearms and goes for a facecrusher in opposition to the ringsteps however Edge counters with a hiptoss. Some extra ringside brawling ensues after which Edge sends Foley careering into the metal steps. Edge grabs a chair after which basement dropkicks Foley as Foley tries escaping the ring. Edge units up a desk on the ground and locations Foley on it. he climbs a turnbuckle however Foley rolls away. Edge chases Foley up the doorway ramp and smashes Foley’s head in to the metal ramp piece for a two-count. Then Edge tosses Foley into the ring and Lita arms him one thing. It’s a bottle of lighter fluid. Edge douses Foley with the lighter fluid however Foley hits again with a forearm. Foley follows with a traditional piledriver however solely will get a two-count. Foley tries a con-chair-to utilizing a chair and a type of baking sheets however Lita interferes. That distraction permits Edge to hit a DDT for a detailed two-count. Edge hits Foley with Barbie within the intestine, the again, and the pinnacle, after which lands a operating facecrusher onto it. Edge covers however solely will get a two-count. Then Edge pulls out and empties a again of thumbtacks. Edge goes to throw Foley into them…however Foley counters with a again suplex. Edge’s again appears to be like like a twisted pun cushion.

A bloody Foley will get up ignoring the few tacks in his again and pulls our Mr. Socko. Then he wraps Socko in barbed wire and applies the Mandible Claw! Foley stops all of the sudden when he sees Lita coming and applies the Claw on her! Then Foley will get extra revenge by hitting Edge with Barbie.

Now each wrestlers are bloodied as Foley grinds Barbie into Edge’s face. Foley’s consideration turns to the desk setup beneath and the bottle of lighter fluid. He pours most of that fluid onto the desk however will get stopped by Lita who hits his crotch with Barbie. Then she units the desk on fireplace as Foley hangs on the ring apron. All of the sudden Edge costs! Spear! Suicide Spear by the ropes onto a burning desk! Holy Shit! A twitching, bleeding, and burned Edge crawls over to cowl Foley. One, two, and three! Edge beats Foley and creates a WrestleMania second for the ages!

Winner after 14:36: Edge

Evaluation: Simply some of the memorable matches of the last decade. It was the match of the evening for positive and among the best matches of each wrestlers’ careers. It was as violent because it was inventive. Each guys had some genius concepts right here that they labored to perfection. Foley discovered an excellent method to preserve Edge from hitting the Spear (not less than at first) which pressured Edge to depend on low cost tips (together with interference from Lita) to attempt to win. They constructed the match up completely. Issues escalated in depth and brutality. I didn’t suppose they may discover a method to high a thumbtack spot however they did. That spear by a burning desk has change into one in all Edge’s career-defining moments. It was insane and each guys have been fortunate they solely singed a little bit of their hair and nothing extra. Whereas this makes for a pleasant and compact little massacre, I nonetheless suppose that Foley’s brutal warfare with Randy Orton outdoes this match in each manner aside from the shock issue. Nonetheless, this can be a nice instance of each wrestlers’ (and Lita’s) dedication to their craft. Solely true consummate professionals might pull off one thing as harmful and high-risk as this with out wanting like they’re stalling or over-preparing to ensure the spots are achieved “safely”.

Last Ranking: ****1/4


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