Grasp Wong Shun Leung Unveils Picket Dummy and Invoice Jee Secrets and techniques!


Get able to delve into the mystique of Wing Chun with the legendary Grasp Wong Shun Leung! On this fascinating video, he unveils the hidden secrets and techniques of the Picket Dummy and Invoice Jee methods. However earlier than we unlock the treasure trove of data, we might wish to introduce you to our unique book, Wing Chun: Sensible Introduction to Self-Protection, designed to empower you with sensible insights and a contact of humor!

Grasp Wong Shun Leung Unveils: Picket Dummy and Invoice Jee Secrets and techniques

Wooden Dummy Bil Jee 3rd form secrets revealed by Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu

On this mesmerizing video, Grasp Wong Shun Leung, a real icon on the planet of Wing Chun, shares the hid knowledge of two of its most enigmatic methods – the Picket Dummy and Invoice Jee. These methods should not simply martial arts varieties; they’re an embodiment of the essence of Wing Chun itself.

Put together to witness the brilliance of Wing Chun as Grasp Wong Shun Leung unlocks the secrets and techniques of the Picket Dummy and Invoice Jee methods. Watch the awe-inspiring video under and embark on a journey of martial enlightenment:

The Picket Dummy: Channeling the Historic Warriors

The Picket Dummy is not any peculiar coaching device; it represents an historical lineage of martial artistry. Grasp Wong Shun Leung reveals the subtleties and intricacies of this sacred type, the place each strike and block embodies the essence of the Wing Chun philosophy. Channel the power of the previous warriors and embrace the timeless information handed down by generations.

Invoice Jee: The Supreme Information of Wing Chun

Invoice Jee, also known as “Bi Jee” or “Finger Jab,” is a extremely guarded type identified for its explosive energy and precision. Grasp Wong Shun Leung sheds gentle on the secrets and techniques behind this formidable type, emphasizing the significance of a transparent thoughts and nimble fingers. Bear in mind, when making use of Invoice Jee, it is all about ability and never being tempted to apply it to pickle jars!

Unlock Extra in our E book

Feeling the hearth of Wing Chun burning inside you? Our book, Wing Chun: Sensible Introduction to Self-Protection is your key to unlocking deeper insights into this outstanding martial artwork. Stuffed with sensible suggestions, historic context, and sure, even just a few laughs, this book will enable you refine your methods and embrace the spirit of Wing Chun.


Congratulations, grasshopper! You’ve got now witnessed the masterful teachings of Grasp Wong Shun Leung as he unraveled the mysteries of the Picket Dummy and Invoice Jee methods. Bear in mind, Wing Chun isn’t just about bodily prowess, but in addition about understanding its essence and philosophy.

Do not forget to grab the chance to discover the knowledge of Wing Chun with Wing Chun: Sensible Introduction to Self-Protection. Deepen your information and refine your abilities on this outstanding journey. Keep devoted, keep impressed, and carry on mastering the artwork of Wing Chun! Pleased coaching!

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