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The bowling ball is probably probably the most important piece of apparatus you’ll want to play bowling efficiently, and having the appropriate match for sizing will do your recreation wonders.

As we talked about earlier than, there appears to be this false perception that try to be throwing with the heaviest ball, it doesn’t matter what.

Whereas throwing with a heavyweight could be a purpose, you’ll want to just be sure you are utilizing a snug weight and dealing your manner as much as heavier weights, not simply beginning with them proper off the bat.

What Is the Heaviest Authorized Bowling Ball Measurement for League Bowling?

The heaviest authorized ball you should use in bowling is a sixteen-pound ball, per USBC specs, and whereas some people could begin with this ball, others want to begin with a ball that fits their physique’s wants and work their manner as much as a heavier weight.

The extra in style weights for grownup bowlers are inclined to vary between 10 to fifteen kilos, with male averages coming in at 14 to 16 kilos and females averaging round 10 to 14 kilos.

Why Does Bowling Ball Measurement Weight Matter?

The suitable weight will can help you throw at constant speeds that present extra pin motion.

For instance, in case your ball is simply too heavy, you’ll slowly however absolutely lose velocity as apply progresses, and your physique is weighed down by the ball.

In case your ball is simply too mild, you’ll lose potential factors from the shortage of pressure you may have with a heavier ball.

Having a heavier ball is at all times the purpose for the reason that affect of the ball relies on velocity occasions mass. You additionally need the load that works greatest for you due to that velocity issue.

For those who can solely throw excessive speeds at the start of apply with a heavier ball after which lose momentum, you’re higher off switching to a lower-weighted ball the place you may hold your speeds constant.

So for those who can solely throw a 16-pound ball at ten mph as you apply (16×10=160), you’ll be higher off with a 14-pound ball at 18 mph (14×18=252) for larger affect.

When Do You Know You Have to Change Your Bowling Ball Weight?

Understanding when to alter your bowling ball weight is essential to elevating your recreation and gaining constant, predictable bowling.

Utilizing a ball that’s too heavy for you, you threat harm or lack of stamina.

Use a ball that’s too mild, and also you lower your pin affect and potential scores.

Having a steadiness and understanding what to search for in both state of affairs will show you how to perceive when to drop a couple of kilos or go up a pound.

How Heavy Ought to Your Bowling Ball Be? How you can Know Your Ball Is Too Heavy.

The largest indicator that you’re utilizing a bowling ball that’s too heavy for you is your individual physique.

Are you going residence and waking up with sore muscle tissue after bowling apply?

Do your joints creak in protest or appear stiff and achy? Do you have got again ache, shoulder ache, elbow ache, arm ache, or wrist ache that flares up, particularly after an evening of bowling?

Do you discover that the velocity of your bowling ball drastically drops as you play extra video games, and your arm doesn’t have sufficient stamina to take care of constant robust throws?

For those who answered sure to any of those questions, you’re bowling with a ball that’s too heavy for you.

Bowling with a heavy bowling ball might be nice to your recreation, and dealing in the direction of heavier weights is a purpose you wish to try for.

Nonetheless, in case you are injuring your physique by utilizing a heavy ball you aren’t prepared for, you’re hurting your possibilities of getting to some extent the place you should use that ball comfortably.

The fixed pressure your muscle tissue and joints undertake as they attempt to face up to a weight they haven’t correctly ready for could cause critical harm.

Even with preventive measures, comparable to stretches and braces, you may nonetheless tear, pull or sprain your joints and muscle tissue.

You wouldn’t start power coaching by trying to deadlift 100 bounds; bowling needs to be no totally different.

Take heed to your physique and work your manner up the weights, maintaining your self at a snug stage that doesn’t depart you sore and aching.

How you can Know Your Ball Is Too Mild

If throwing your bowling ball feels persistently simple, it could be time to maneuver up a weight stage.

Your purpose ought to at all times be to (safely) transfer up in weight in bowling balls as a result of pressure improve it gives you.

In case your ball is feeling simply thrown or you end up possibly catching numerous air as you throw it, then you have got good indicators that it is best to strive the subsequent weight stage up.

Attempt utilizing a home ball with the subsequent weight dimension up for a couple of practices and see the way it modifications your recreation.

In case you are throwing nicely with minimal soreness, try to be good at searching for your individual ball of that weight.

Is There a Distinction Between Home Balls and Personally Drilled Balls?

Ask any professional bowler, and they’re going to inform you that utilizing a home ball versus a ball drilled particularly for you makes an enormous distinction.

If you use a ball tailor-made to suit your wants, it helps distribute the load higher, provides you a extra stable grip, and helps you management the motion of the ball higher.

Many bowlers have claimed they’ll use bowling balls as much as two kilos heavier when evaluating their custom-made grip bowling balls to home balls.

Home bowling balls are drilled to suit various finger sizes and grip sorts and are, subsequently, extra normal within the help and grip they’ll provide.

Whereas home balls are nice with preliminary exams to search out the appropriate weight for you, for those who intend to take bowling critically, then it is best to look into getting a custom-made ball.

The distinction your grip will make to your weight restrict will assist your rating a fantastic deal.

What Is Your Very best Weight?

So what precisely is your preferrred weight? We’ve talked about how you can know in case you are utilizing a ball that’s too heavy and in case you are utilizing a ball that’s too mild, however when are you aware that you’ve discovered a ball that’s good?

The purpose of any critical bowler is to discover a ball weight that may be your go-to ball, one that offers you a large amount of response, management, and predictability as you utilize it all through the night time.

Most significantly, the ball must be at a weight that doesn’t bodily put on you down as you progress with video games.

As we talked about, heavy bowling balls lower your stamina all through the night time and tire out your muscle tissue faster, leading to a lack of velocity, management, and purpose.

You additionally wish to keep away from a lightweight ball, so you may rating a better variety of factors per recreation, ensuing within the want for a middle-ground ball.

The best weight to your ball ought to present sufficient weight you can generate an excellent quantity of pressure with it whereas preserving your velocity and stamina as you bowl by the night time.

You desire a ball that retains you at a stage of consolation and doesn’t pressure your muscle tissue and joints as you utilize it for an prolonged interval, whether or not one night time of apply or all through a complete season.

Home bowling balls are a good way to slim down your zone of consolation with out spending an excessive amount of cash.


Simply keep in mind that there’s a notable distinction between home ball weights and personalised ball weights.

Different Bowling Balls and Their Weight

Bowling balls differ relying on the kind of recreation you’re taking part in. 

Ten Pin Bowling- is extensively recognized, and it’s what you concentrate on when somebody mentions bowling.

Ten Pin balls are sometimes efficiency or non-performance balls with three finger holes.

In line with the USBS specs, the ball might be as mild as a feather and as much as 16lbs. 

Duck Pin Bowling- is barely totally different in pin form/dimension and ball than the Ten Pin bowling specs.

Duck Pin bowling balls weigh between 3lbs 6oz and 3lbs 12oz, and it’s fingerless, with no holes. 

Candle Pin Bowling- is just like Duck Pin Bowling.

The Candlepin bowling balls are smaller, don’t have any holes, and have a max weight of 2lbs 7oz.

How do You Discover Your Very best Weight?

So now that you know the way to acknowledge the other ways your physique can reply to weight sorts, how do you go about discovering your preferrred weight?

Effectively, you may take the lengthy street and seek for it by experimentation, attempting every ball kind for a number of days and dealing by the ranks in an extended, drawn-out course of.

Or, you may use a way that helps you find the right weight to your bowling ball and work up from there, stopping at your physique’s consolation stage.

If you wish to go together with the trial and error methodology, go proper forward; it might be numerous enjoyable!

Nonetheless, to be secure, it’s possible you’ll wish to learn the strategy most bowlers use to search out their beginning weight.

Discovering the appropriate beginning weight for you in bowling comes right down to a basic math equation.

You’re taking your physique weight in kilos and divide it by eleven, rounding to the closest complete quantity. That’s it!

After you have your beginning quantity, it’s often a good suggestion to begin a couple of kilos lighter than that quantity and work your manner as much as heavier weights primarily based in your physique.

For instance, say that you just weigh 100 and fifty kilos.

To search out your beginning weight, you’re taking 150 and divide it by 11, getting a solution of 13.63.

Since we’re rounding to the closest complete quantity, the beginning weight of your ball could be fourteen, however it is best to begin with a 13 or 12 and work your manner as much as a 14 over the course of apply to ensure it’s the proper match for you.

So now that we’ve mentioned why the appropriate weight in your bowling ball is necessary, how you can acknowledge that you’ll want to change your bowling ball weight and how you can discover the perfect weight so that you can use when bowling, we hope you’re taking these expertise out into the bowling world and put them in to apply.

Be affected person as you experiment with totally different weights.

That is an ever-learning, evolving course of. As you get stronger, your bowling weight could change and develop heavier, otherwise you may attain an equilibrium of weight.

Each choices are good so long as you do not forget that constant velocity is the important thing.

A powerful, constant velocity will show you how to generate extra pressure on the level of pin affect, gaining higher ends in your scoring.

It is usually necessary to recollect all through this course of that you’ll want to hearken to your physique. Overextending your limits as you’re employed to search out your bowling ball weight can result in strains, tears, sprains, and different associated accidents.

Don’t be afraid to take it simple and benefit from the means of discovering your preferrred bowling ball weight. Think about it an journey in your journey to changing into a greater bowler!


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