RPS@PAX 2023: Animal Nicely’s subterranean world is each lovely and unsettling

Earlier within the week, Liam and I had the chance to talk with Animal Nicely’s solo developer and writer Bigmode about creating their eerie subterranean world. We then had an opportunity to go arms on with the PAX East demo, and wow, we had been each extremely impressed. Watch the video under for our enthusiastic impressions:

If we might give an RPS ‘Bestest Finest in present’ award to a recreation, is could be Animal Nicely. Liam and I beloved the sport’s dense ambiance, spider-web of interconnected caverns, and creepy creatures that lurk in the dead of night. We additionally loves the results the sport has, which reminded Liam of Octopath Traveler’s visible flairs. If I needed to evaluate it to 1 recreation, it will be Hole Knight, which could be very thrilling.

We now have a lot extra PAX East indies so that you can take a look at so ensure you have a peruse by way of our RPS@PAX tag. A few our favourites have been chaotic rouguelite Pizza Possum, Resident Evil-like Alone In The Darkish, and island exploration recreation Mythwrecked.

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