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Artemis BJJ (7 Easton Rd), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK – 17/08/2022

Together with the three leg positions I cowl in a my typical fundamental half guard upkeep classes, there’s a fourth one that’s value creating too: the half butterfly. Out of your kickstand or inside hook, carry your exterior foot again sufficient you could hook by their thigh. That is considerably simpler in case you both have brief legs and/otherwise you’re versatile. You ideally will even have an underhook on that facet, staying tight to allow them to’t swim inside your underhook. Your inside leg maintains a agency management, as with the within hook leg management.

For a butterfly sweep, the important thing half together with that hook is controlling their reverse arm to allow them to’t publish. It’s equally necessary right here, however trickier to regulate because of how you might be positioned in half guard. When you’re capable of management their elbow, suck their arm in, although it’s normally troublesome to get a sufficiently controlling grip from normal half guard. Jason Scully suggests getting your head previous their arm (one thing I do through the use of the facepalm cross-face block I realized from Braulio movies). To regulate the arm from there, Scully does an uncommon grip of reaching behind his head to then clamp their arm tight from there.

It is awkward to get used to, however all you could do is cease them posting. As quickly as you start to raise them together with your butterfly hook, you’ll be able to carry your head out and change to a extra comfy grip on their arm, controlling their elbow. From there, end the sweep as regular in case you’re capable of get your leg into place, or goal to finish up in a robust knee slide place and move from there.

As an alternative choice to what Scully suggests, you possibly can additionally attempt utilizing the paw place. If you’ll be able to slide down and management their elbow, that may be a a lot easier variation, however it could be troublesome to drag their arm in sufficient with out them managing to swim it free.

Instructing Notes: Get that underhook arm proper up into their armpit, ensuring you whack them forwards, the place your head in pointing. I prefer to flick with the butterfly hook, but when you find yourself following by way of, be certain that they do not handle to entice your knee. With the knee free, you’ll be able to both go to mount, or transfer that knee to the opposite facet to knee slide.

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