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Instructing #Night
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK – 22/08/2022

Brief Model:

  • You have been squashed flat, they’ve a crossface and underhook
  • Block their non trapped knee together with your arm
  • Drive off your outdoors leg (stepping it out from the kickstand if wanted)
  • Punch up via their head together with your trapped leg facet arm
  • Bridge and roll to the highest

Full Model: I first noticed this sequence on an DVD sequence from just a few years in the past, by Vince Quitigua. In Misplaced Strategies of the Half Guard, he has a easy answer to while you’ve been put in what would typically be seen because the worst place beneath half guard. They haven’t solely managed to get a stable cross face, they’ve additionally underhooked you on the opposite facet. Nonetheless, utilizing the identical precept because the entice and roll from beneath mount, meaning there is a chance to dam off two of their limbs on the identical facet.

As they’ve already put their arm beneath your head, in case you can block their leg on that facet and bridge, you may roll them over. Due to this fact all it’s essential to do is use your arm to cease their leg from stepping out. If their leg is just too distant, flip your hips in the direction of your underhook facet to convey it in, then place your arm subsequent to it. Push off your different foot and swing your arm up round their head on the facet they’ve underhooked. Bridge and roll them over from there.

The foremost flaw with this feature is that if they bring about their arm out from crossfacing you, then they may be capable to use that to stop your roll. A technique for stopping that defence is to make use of your individual arm to lock their crossfacing arm by your head, such as you would in the event that they had been crossfacing your from mount. As your arm is now occupied, you are going to use your similar facet leg to hook their leg as an alternative, then push off together with your different leg to finish the roll. Once more, if their leg is just too distant out of your physique, flip your hips to the underhook facet.

Remember that there’s a threat in case you uncross your legs to generate the leverage for the push, so watch out of them liberating their leg. Additionally, with a savvy accomplice they can keep away from your try to bridge and roll by rapidly adjusting their weight distribution and placing up a leg. Be prepared for that chance to get better to full guard, as they may discover it tough to do this with out leaving some type of opening so that you can convey your leg via.

Instructing Notes: I used to be uncrossing my kickstand to be able to get the push, although in case your legs are lengthy sufficient, then you might nonetheless get sufficient leverage with out doing that. By uncrossing your legs, there’s a threat they may handle to move at that time, so if it is potential to get the roll whereas maintaining the kickstand locked, a lot the higher. One thing to aim earlier than subsequent time. Additionally, does it matter in case you seize the trouser leg as an alternative of merely block? Much less versatile I assume as you have dedicated to a grip, however nonetheless works.

I additionally ought to make extra of a degree concerning the probability to get better full guard, in case they react earlier than you are in a position to full the sweep. On the second, I discover that you simply usually are in a position to step via to facet management because of the place of your legs, but when you find yourself inside their guard as an alternative, nonetheless higher than being caught on the underside. However once more, one thing to have a look at when making ready to show this subsequent time.

Turning in the direction of your trapped leg to convey their leg nearer to your physique is absolutely helpful too, preserve emphasising that.

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