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SPEED in Martial Arts SHOCK & AWE Symposium Interview

Mick Tully talks to Mahipal Lunia about discovering, coaching and perfecting SPEED in martial arts at SHOCK & AWE the distinctive, 30 place, utility solely, martial arts symposium that includes unique entry to secretive arts and reclusive academics.

Deep dive into unifying ideas and purposeful drills, be taught multidisciplinary strategies to reinforce SPEED notion and efficiency. Large, deeply necessary, key ideas and talents.

It will likely be INTENSE… 40 hours, 14 arts from 11 international locations protecting 6 kinds of weapons… 19 ambassadors with 750+ years of expertise

07.00hrs to 22.00hrs for 3 days.

Apply instantly if this could possibly be you. The areas are restricted.

Solely 30 college students accepted.

It won’t be repeated.

Hosted in November 2023 at an undisclosed location in San Jose, California The Immersion Labs have introduced collectively the perfect,

Patrick Robust
Past Velocity: It helps by itself

Tim Cartmell
Clinch/Lure to Throwing Velocity

Steven Plinck
Positional Velocity

Eric Knauss
Mixture Velocity

Ron Lew
Breaking the Sound Barrier/ Versatile Metal

Mark Mikita
Explosive Velocity

Paul Porter
Studying Tells: Perceptual and Psychological Velocity

Maija Soderholm
Alteration Velocity

Scott Meredith
Sensitivity Velocity

Riichi Kitano
Sen – Initiative to Kill Velocity in Koryu

Mahipal Lunia
Misleading Bowie

Dr TJ Desch-Obi
Malicia in Grima & Capoeira

Dexter Miksch
Bowie Backcut Circulation

Miguel Lopez
From Golden Glove to the Avenue

Jerry Walker
Mature Velocity & Timing

Carlito Bonjoc
Velocity in Transcending Limitations

James Bishop
Bruce Lee’s Velocity & Timing

Steaphen Fick
Alchemy of Timing within the Italian Renaissance

Michael Donohue
Proprioception & Hand-Eye Coordination

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Interviewed by Mick Tully who’s a JKD Teacher beneath Guro Dan Inosanto and Rick Faye. He runs MKG Coventry and is getting ready for his BJJ black belt.

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