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hey all people Brian danielli and we’re

about to go over some layouts for the

tremendous thrilling all people loves it storm

section 5 however earlier than we do that allow me

introduce my proper hand man Todd

Hollywood Adams we’re contained in the Bower’s

Mart positioned inside a strike zone Lanes

contained in the Sundown Station On line casino in

lovely Henderson Nevada Todd is the

professional store supervisor right here skilled

bowler with over 40 years expertise a

20 plus yr observe workers bowler so whereas

he can’t throw the storm section 5 he

positive is aware of a hell of quite a bit about it and

he’s going to go over a few

layouts Todd take it away I see you bought

your instruments able to go that’s proper we

uh we bought our prosex scale each

profitable Professional Store ought to have certainly one of

these all proper and in the event that they don’t you

ought to run all proper so uh right here we go

we’re gonna do uh once more my frequent format

on each ball I drill

really I inform you what I’m going to do

I’m going to do what we might check with

as a extra Basic uh format due to

the constructive entry level make it look a

little totally different than I’d make it

search for me okay okay so on this case

we’re going to do a a 5 a 5 a

constructive entry level is 5 over and an

inch up

okay so on this case uh once more identical


so that is going to be extra common for

the typical bowler would you say yeah

properly once more all people has their very own

Matrix however typically within the Professional Store


um we’ve got to make use of a common level

as a result of we don’t have a matrix and a

particular person may come into the professional store and

not give us the chance or not have

one other Bowl sufficient and that is and this

is the form of factor we’d see with a

ball just like the storm section 5 given the

recognition of the model appropriate so this

is an efficient uh for all of you on the market

trying to get your first huge boy ball

or huge woman ball proper we’re gonna do




we’re gonna do 4 and a half we’re

gonna we’re gonna do 4 and a half 50

by 4 and a half

after which on this angle we’re gonna do

um 30.

50 by 4 and a half by 30. that’s

appropriate and that is going to be a extra

Basic format for perhaps a primary time

bowler that doesn’t have a bowling

Matrix and for these of you questioning

since Todd can’t throw the storm section

5 properly Brian who’s going to throw

the storm section 5 that’s going to be

our good pal Chad Luce who’s a storm

workers bowler and it’s going to come back out

and throw this for us on a home shot

and a sports activities shot and Todd is a Excessive Rev

form of man excessive power form of man has

a number of ardour for the game like

your self

so we’re all about data and

sharing it with you so for those who’ve bought any

questions put them within the feedback shoot

us a message and we’ll make sure you get it

answered for you

and like all the time I’m going to ask Todd

when he’s finished marking this ball as much as

form of go over the markings on the

Storm ball so you recognize what they imply

okay so right here we go that is going to look

totally different that is uh going to be extra

relevant to the skid flippy form of

vary however once more it is a bowler’s

constructive entry level 5 over and an

inch up so uh within the markings we’ve bought

uh the pin placement right here


this means the highest of the burden


so division

for those who can simply Imaginative and prescient simply seeing proper

down by the ball okay so then that

places the

storm the attention of the storm


play right here as the middle of gravity that

is the heavy Spot Of The Core

and since it is a symmetrical ball


it doesn’t have one other marking on the

ball so

at that time we don’t have to think about

two totally different shapes we’re solely reducing

it in half and it’s the identical form okay

so once more uh this that is going to be



downlink tremendous form of actually hockey

stick movement down by the by

the pins

um most all people that comes within the store

is all the time tells me I need it to flip in

the again flip within the again once more in

generality after we don’t know their

constructive entry level and don’t know

their their Matrix typically that is

one thing that we might usually give

most each bowler that comes within the store

like that and such as you all the time say cowl

inventory will get you to the pins format Will get

You By means of the pin so this format for

the typical bowler goes to get them

by the pins that’s proper yeah and

the duvet inventory on this ball ought to get

them to it as a result of it is a fairly good

bowling ball would you say it is a

incredible bowling ball uh nice

mixture of you recognize

skid and flip and appears and it’s only a

nice ball and if I’m not mistaken it

smells like blueberry it’s a blueberry

scented Bowl now I find it irresistible let’s get

this one cleaned off two extra layoffs

right here we go and as all the time the max tack

will get the job finished you will get it at

bowlersmart or on gotta

preserve your balls clear

use maxtac to get it finished

okay right here we go I’m going to make a

request on this format since we all know

Chad’s going to be throwing this ball

for us what sort of format would a man

like Chad who’s a Excessive Rev bowler you

mentioned someplace round 475 yeah Chad’s

Chad’s in that vary 475 to virtually 500

of rev charge

um he will get on it he he climbs throughout

it so how would you lay out this ball

for a man like Chad so

Chad likes the ball to go sideways down


and clearly I do know we’ve got a a ball

that does that already cowl inventory proper

cowl inventory issues first component and

how we pick a ball for any individual is

the duvet inventory and naturally now we’re

making an attempt to get it to determine how we’re

going to get it to form by the

pins now

I’m going to say uh Chad might be

going to wish to drill this ball

one thing like

we’re in all probability going to do a seven we’re

in all probability going to do 75

so that is going to be an enormous quantity 75

is approach over right here


huge quantity that’s an enormous man throwing a

ball actual quick he’s an enormous man yeah 75

and that is going to be actually bizarre

as a result of

Chad likes his ball to do totally different

issues however we’re gonna do by six

six is quite a bit however we’re gonna do by six

okay after which we’re gonna do by 20.

75 620. that’s appropriate wow yeah that’s

some numbers I haven’t heard earlier than yeah

what sort of motion is that this ball gonna

get this ball ought to go lifeless sideways

as soon as it comes off the again of the


so that is undoubtedly one thing for the

excessive crimson bowler with some pace on it

yeah yeah yeah yeah

um in all probability not your your common bowler

right here appropriate now uh we’re gonna go I

assume Chad is a ha we’re gonna go half


after they hop down after which

we’re gonna do

it he’s lined up

after which

by 5

so you recognize this was form of just a little

check for Todd and only for all you

viewers on the market to indicate you the way

vital it’s to have a real

skilled working in your bowling

balls you recognize Chad shouldn’t be right here with us

to talk however I’ll guess you Todd is fairly

a lot lifeless on correct for what Chad

would love as a result of he is aware of his

prospects like that so that you be certain

your Professional Store skilled is aware of you the

identical approach is aware of your bones Matrix and may

present you that degree of service that’s

going to make you the most effective you may be

on the market on the lane so what’s this

format once more Todd for our viewers is 75

by 6 by 20. you noticed it right here women and

gents that’s only for a Excessive Rev

excessive pace Bowl the place this factor’s going

to get sideways and uh do a number of

injury to the pins that’s what we hope

that’s for positive all proper let’s clear it

up and let’s do yet another you recognize what

since that is the final ball we’re going

to be doing layouts on I bought a I bought a

request okay you recognize I like storm

merchandise that’s how we met me different met

one another my first ball was what uh

section two section two and you recognize I

wouldn’t thoughts having myself a section 5

don’t we’ll have one in my arms but however

how would you set this up for me for

people who don’t know I’m a

left-handed novice have solely been born

for a short time so how would you lay

this out for a man like myself all proper

that is for all you lefties on the market

um we have to get the ball rolling a

little earlier for you as a result of consider

it or not you bought higher balls low cost

um not a number of revs although not as cash

revs we’re engaged on that just a little at a

time proper so we’re gonna do

uh we’re gonna do


we’re really going to do my favourite

format for me for you identical factor

go 45.

I believe Todd says we’re bowling twins

type of I’d say so


45. I’m the higher trying twin

by no means thought of myself to be a fascist

trying a superb trying man however hey

you recognize so we’re gonna go 45 right here so 45

by 4 by 45.


that is going to be a extremely good sturdy

rolling bowling ball for you Brian

um and we’re gonna do

and I hope Todd remembers my constructive

entry level if he does I’m going to be

impressed as a result of he’s bought a number of

data up in that mind of his 4

and three quarters


yeah so that you’re three quarters

down by 4 and three quarters how

about that women and gents that’s

a real skilled

this is the reason Todd’s my man you can also make

them yours yow will discover him at Bowers

Martin Henderson however for those who can’t get to

a bowler’s Mart close to you

there’s the format Todd what’s that

format once more that is 45 by 4 by 45 for

for Brian danielli there you go and

hear Todd will take the time to get to

know you as properly as soon as once more for those who come

to Bowers Martin Henderson for those who can’t

make it to a bowler’s Mart close to you don’t overlook maxtac helps

preserve your balls clear make sure you like

And subscribe to our movies and we glance

ahead to bringing you much more

all people be good let’s go roll

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