The Twelve Strikes of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas

Most programs of Kali have a set of strikes to numerous goal places on the physique, I’ve heard of programs with as little 2 primary angles of assaults, and as many as 64 angles of assault, At this time we will likely be centered on the 12 primary strikes of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali, The hammer set. Now after I say primary, ( seeing as nothing is primary ), what I’d truly be saying is that it is a foundational set. The primary one you’re taught and possibly a very powerful. The set is just not solely used for the hammer strike (full shaft of The Baston), but in addition incorporates the “sengetti”, thrusting strikes (9, 10, and 5) in addition to a double handed (Army Fight tactical) #12 strike

Blade line, Blade line, Blade line!

Though the essential set in Dekiti Tirsia Siradas has solely 12 strikes, with detailed putting factors, the strikes themselves might be damaged down and employed in so many various methods. When attacked with a two strike it may be countered with a two, or three strike alongside the vertical line All the time deal with the “blade line.” This may be discovered by following the second knuckles on the fingers, all the time bear in mind, blade line, blade line, blade line. I do know the baston is just not a blade, nevertheless utilizing this system of blade line alignment will all the time hold your strikes true.

You could possibly additionally use your footwork to evade the strike and interact with a 9 sengetti strike. So that you see the variations are countless. Once we are educated with the foot work and fundamentals, defensive drills in Dekiti Tirsia Siradas develop into very reactive. After the preliminary counter you’ll proceed with a free type.

If you end up attacking, assault primarily based within the the 12 primary strikes. Counter putting units are normally restricted to between two to 4 strikes, however in case you are moved by the movement, the sky is the restrict.

Don’t maintain again

Once you make a strike in Dekiti Tirsia Siradas, you make a full swing, full one hundred pc energy. And though we’re totally dedicated we nonetheless preserve full management. There are not any “damaged” interrupted strikes per se. The strike could be interrupted when it made contact with an object, whether or not human or weapon.  It might then be handled with the suitable motion. Consider it just like a ricochet motion akin to a tennis ball being performed and replayed.

The 12 strikes are…

Left ear diagonal downward
Proper ear diagonal downward
Reverse diagonal upward, hitting the left knee direct to the decrease left jaw
Vertical reverse diagonal upward, hitting the appropriate knee direct to the decrease proper jaw.
Heart thrust to the groin or photo voltaic plexus
Lateral strike slicing the left arm
Vertical reverse lateral strike slicing the appropriate arm
Heart downward strike, hitting the crown of the top
Upward round thrust, hitting the throat
Upward vertical reverse round thrust, hitting the throat
Vertical reverse downward strike, hitting the crown of the top
Heart double hand thrust to the bridge of the nostril

Enjoying Darts

Once you consider these targets places take into consideration a dart board. We all the time attempt for the bullseye, but when we’re barely off we will nonetheless rating a success. Now if you begin to direct the physique and search for different very important putting factors you’ll begin to see that your primary 12 strikes provide you with an concept of the place to start out.  Nonetheless, discovering all of the targets across the 12 strikes is all a part of the journey as nicely. Once you swap to a bladed weapon, data of primary anatomy opens a complete new world of putting factors. Each main artery and vein turns into a viable goal, after we thrust we notice we should thrust true.

So that you see if you mastered the essential 12 strikes with the baston, all of the methods will circulation and open a warehouse of alternative

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