What Occurred to My Ball?

Identify: Jonathan                                                                  November 2008                                                                                                          

Topic: Bowling Floor Grit

Query: I’ve had my NVS for about 3 months, most likely about 30-40 video games or so.  At first it was working rather well then the ball simply appeared to die on me.  I throw comparatively sluggish, about 10 mph.  I clear it after each use.  Plainly I can’t get any traction, it simply slides off the facet.  

What grit Abralon pad ought to I sand it with to make a distinction.  I would like the ball to be lengthy and have a powerful backend.  Are also there any balls that you would advocate that will praise my recreation.  I have been Ebonite Hanging Movement and The One.  I am pretty keen on the one.

Reply: Jonathan,

Are you positive you throw 10 miles an hour? that is roughly 4.1 seconds journey time from foul line to pins.

What do you clear the ball with? The floor is 2000 Abralon, shined with Powerhouse Manufacturing unit End Polish. Cleansing the ball each time you utilize it most likely is taking the polish off the ball. Use the really helpful cleaner by the producer or an skilled pro-shop affiliate. Powerhouse Manufacturing unit End Polish will clear and re-polish your ball.

The newly re-introduced One is completed at 4000 with NO polish. I am a fan of the collection, however I would want extra information to provide you any actual advice.

Thanks you for the query. Get me some more information and we will work on the issue.

Query? Contact me at: revbowl@gmail.com

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