Which Bowling Ball Is For Me?

Identify: Vikki

Query: Which bowling ball is for me?

I’m a feminine bowler and at the moment have a 14 to fifteen yr previous Brunswick 300, 10 lb ball (no different information on the ball).  After I bought it years in the past, I solely bowled for enjoyable and was a palm-up, straight down the middle of the lane bowler.  I lately had it re-drilled to raised match my hand and started severe efforts to bowl correctly.  I line up on the middle dot, intention for the second arrow and have a hand shake place launch.  The ball goes straight down the lane and begins a sluggish hook to the 1-3 pocket.  I’ve lastly gotten some consistency with hitting the pocket.  I really feel the ball is simply too gentle as a result of it appears I’ve to crank to get any energy/pace which causes me to be inconsistent.  I hardly ever obtain a strike even once I’m not making an attempt for extra pace.  My present common is 115.  My home lanes are often dry to medium oil.  I do know nothing concerning the ball I’ve now, nor do I do know my pace or revs.  Ought to I improve to a 12 lb ball, or a 14?  Is there a selected bowling ball made now that may mimic my Brunswick’s efficiency?  Any recommendation is enormously appreciated!

Reply: Vikki,

My guess can be your ball is polyester (plastic) or rubber. The driller who plugged it ought to be capable of confirm.

Your ball weight is dictated by your want to knock down pins. With a effectively match bowling ball, the ball lets go of you, so grip stress is eradicated (thus the pressure of gripping). I begin bowlers at 10 p.c of their physique weight as much as the utmost of 16 kilos.

Balls, from a bowling retailer are available one pound increments previous 10, often 6,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,16. Sometimes a model will embrace 9 kilos choices.

Enhance your weight to what you’re feeling most comfy with, however improve it. Small steps to begin! Don’t soar up greater than 2 kilos at a time and test the match with every change. You didn’t point out what sort of match you might have. I might stick with no matter you’re used to now. 

Whether it is typical, with fingers within the ball to the second knuckle and thumb inserted to the bottom of the thumb, you’ll use the burden and pure really feel and swing to enhance your scores. The ball ought to actually cling out of your hand without having for grip stress. Work much less onerous as you up the burden. Let momentum and gravity do ALL the work. As soon as you’re feeling like you might have achieved the heaviest weight you wish to use, speak to your Professional Store/Ball Driller about the advantages of a finger tip grip. 

Throwing a efficiency ball might be useful, the urethane base cowl (in urethane, reactive resin urethane, and every little thing in between) will assist your hitting energy and the floor and core may assist your hook potential.

Your Brunswick ball is almost certainly a 3 piece, pancake weight-block. The 

Brunswick plastic spare balls, the Zones, would have barely stronger cores vs your present ball. Bumping as much as the reasonably priced Twist sequence or Rhino sequence will supply extra cowl (traction) and stronger core (engine). The Columbia White Dot and Ebonite Maxims have the identical development because the Brunswick Zone and are the identical clean polyester cowl (spare ball).  The Storm Combine sequence mimics the core of your ball however is product of urethane.

Urethane choices and different entry stage reactive resin urethane balls may supply extra efficiency than you might have, however hook is generated by the bowler. The ball augments the bowler with a instrument that’s extra doubtlessly hookable. 

Thanks for the questions. Good luck.

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